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 Being sorted

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Name:: Draco Malfoy
Age:: 10
House:: Slytherin

Being sorted Empty
PostSubject: Being sorted   Being sorted EmptyWed Nov 20, 2013 11:26 am

1- Were detained by another proffesor
2- Not nesserserally
3- Indifferent affraid 
4- Rules are meant to be broken cheers 
5- I don't know really
6- Find the kid with the highest grade and ask them to tell me the answers
7- I am more likely to take a risk
8- I hate prefects and telltales
9- Save a bit of it, spend a bit of it
10- Standing up
11- Not sure
12- Aggresively
13- Don't tell
14- Not Sure
15- No
16- Yes
17- Being friends
18- Injudicious
19- Mutter a few quick apologies
20- True
21- Slytherin
22- No
23- Yes
24- No
25- Yes

I think Draco Malfoy is good and Harry Potter should have shaken hands with him.
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Being sorted
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