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 How Do I Earn/Lose House Points?

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How Do I Earn/Lose House Points? Empty
PostSubject: How Do I Earn/Lose House Points?   How Do I Earn/Lose House Points? EmptyMon Jun 11, 2012 8:57 pm

You can earn House Points in many different ways! Below are the various ways and how much points are rewarded for that thing!

A New House Member = 10HP
A New Thread = 5HP
Welcoming New Members = 5HP
Caption Contest Winner = Varies (This will come into play when more people arrive!)
Quiz Competitions = Varies (In the Quidditch Pitch, you are allowed to host various games. If they are trivia games, the runner of the game needs to keep tally over the HP earned! That amount of HP needs to be sent to me via PM.)
Running a Quiz = 10HP
General Good Behavior = 20HP (If you are being kind and I see that, you get points!)

A Member Gets Banned = -10HP
Bullying = -20HP
Excessive Cursing = -5HP
Being Hateful to a Newbie = -10HP

More ways of earning/losing will be added as time goes on. Some methods may be taken away. It all depends.
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How Do I Earn/Lose House Points?
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