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 Sorting Hat Quiz

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Sorting Hat Quiz Empty
PostSubject: Sorting Hat Quiz   Sorting Hat Quiz EmptyMon Dec 23, 2013 3:06 am

1. I was kept by another proffesor
2. I will keep it.
3. Indifferent
4. Rules are meant to be broken
5. False
6. Find out who has the highest grade
7. Take a risk
8. True
9. Buy a few possesions, but give some to the poor as well.
10. Standing up for your principles.
11. True
12. Aggressively
13. Ask the head of the house
14. I don't know
15. No
16. No
17. Remain friends
18. What do all those words mean ?
19. Retrieve their items and say sorry
20. I suppose so
21. Slytherin
22. No, of course not
23. Yes
24. No
25. Yes, very, very upset
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Sorting Hat Quiz
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