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 Resident Evil: Racoon City Side Stories. OCC

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Resident Evil: Racoon City Side Stories.  OCC Empty
PostSubject: Resident Evil: Racoon City Side Stories. OCC   Resident Evil: Racoon City Side Stories.  OCC EmptyTue Jun 19, 2012 8:57 pm

Racoon City Had a lot of people living in it. This thread shall log the many side story's that happen to go on during the zombie outbreak.

How Can you join?

You will make a CS(character sheet) and wait for me to confirm it. Then you Can post in the IC.
The Idea is that as we go Along the charterers we make will tell the story from there point of view, until they

A Escape
B IS killed
C Is stuck at a point which they can not go on(like trapped in a room handcuffed)

Because The city did get nuked there will be a in story Time limit for each character.

Outbreak will Start at 8 PM(day 0) and the nuke hits at 6Am (day 4)

You can have up to two active characters at a time.

Any questions ask in thread.


Appearance:(picture or description)
Occupation: (You can be anything from fireman/woman To Special Op it up to you)
Inventory (Keep it real)
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Resident Evil: Racoon City Side Stories. OCC
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