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 News of 6/17

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News of 6/17 Empty
PostSubject: News of 6/17   News of 6/17 EmptySun Jun 17, 2012 10:48 am

News of 6/17 Daily_Prophet_by_Hydrart

So, you've probably been wondering, "Where the hell is Cluex?" or "Why hasn't anything been updated?" or just "Why is NOTHING happening?!" Well, my answer is: I haven't been home. Friday and Saturday I was helping my boyfriend's brother and his wife move about an hour away. I have been super busy and I was only able to log on a few times just to check a few thing. Don't worry. The creator of this forum hasn't forgotten about it.
House Points are about to be updated as soon as I finish this type up. Remember, a new person (with someone's name in the 'Referred By' question) will earn your house 50HP. So, please.. Get to referring! Hopefully by the 20th, I will have enough people to start making mods and such. I know ya'll are excited for that.
Another piece of information is: I'm thinking about adding on to the forum. Actually, I'm thinking of making a new forum attached to this one for a new and exciting experience. In that other forum, you are one character and it's run by stats and the like. If you're unsure of what I mean, check out the forum that inspired me. It looks confusing at first, but there are already people here who can help me out and answer questions. I'm not sure exactly how to describe it myself, so if one of them wants to pop in here and explain it, they can. The differences between that site and what this site will hopefully grow to be: Your character will have five basic skills. These skills are Transfiguration (Tra:), Potions (Pot:), Defense Against the Dark Arts (Def:), Charms (Cha:), and Divination (Div:). Everyone will have these skills, but when you join I, or another mod, will roll and get your base stats on these. It's random. What is not random, however, is that you get to choose 3 or 5 different skills along with this. They could vary from Potions Teacher to Wand Maker. Another thing about the forum, is that there will be a Dark side and a Light side, just like in the world of HP. If you want to make your character a Death Eater and join that faction, you totally can! So, please, give me your input on this. You can comment after this post. Smile
That's all of the news for now. I'm sorry for the inactivity.

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News of 6/17
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